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Back Pain Relief and Tips To Ease Back Pain


Make note of these specific back pain relief tips

  • If you sit on the floor a lot (if you don’t you should!) practice the right way to get up from the floor. Rather than jumping up and inviting a sprained muscle, roll to your side and use your hands to come to an upright position. Then, using the kneeling position, place one foot forward on the floor. Place your hands on the forward knee. Now use your legs and arms to bring yourself to a standing position. While this sounds complicated, when you practice, it will become second nature. And the right way to get up from the floor!
  • While getting out of bed, always roll to your side first. Then, use your hands to become upright. Swing your legs over the side of your bed and sit up. Now use your arms and legs to stand up. Never pull yourself straight up from bed as this can strain your abdominal muscles.
  • Who doesn’t do laundry? Most of us do and while at it, always squat or kneel when you empty or load the dryer, rather than twist back and forth between the machine and your laundry basket. When you fold clothes, either sit with the clothes in front of you or have them easily accessible on a surface so you can stand up straight.

Back Pain Relief and Tips To Ease Back Pain – Be Healthy, Be Happy

This is a good article……………I routinely educate my patients on how to move correctly during their daily activities to prevent low back pain. Call today if you’re experiencing pain with performing your daily activities.

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