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Should I throw away my pillows?

There is no good evidence for how long most pillows last. – sleep experts say that if you fold your pillow in half and it doesn’t spring open straight away by itself then it’s dead: it can’t support your head and neck, so bin it. Dust mites also like pillows, but although the idea of […]

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Is your cell phone a pain in your neck?

  AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – Technology has become such a huge part of our everyday lives and although it has made life more convenient for some, it’s been a pain in the neck for others…literally.  Years ago when texting took off, there were complaints from people about their thumbs hurting.  Today, there are many more tech […]

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Is Spinal Manipulation Worth The Risk?

The British Medical Journal had an interesting article recently that I take issue with. They said… Spinal manipulation is a common technique used to reduce back pain, neck pain and  other musculoskeletal conditions by applying thrusts to the lumbar spine (lower back) or cervical spine (neck). Now in a report published online in British Medical […]

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An Ergonomics Challenge in New Electronic Devices

LOOK around, they’re everywhere: hunched shoulders, angled necks and wrists, hands twisted like claws. As people harness their bodies to use more electronic devices in more places, they may unknowingly be putting themselves at a greater risk of injury. Things were much simpler 20 years ago, when employees worked mainly on desktop computers that could […]

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Pain and the brain

Why is it that we drop to our knees and hold our ankle just after we twist it on the football field? Why do we violently flick and shake our hand after our opponent has just stepped on it with his metal cleats in the ruck of a rugby game? The same response happens when […]

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How to Avoid Back Pain

Help Your Back in Bed You spend about a third of your life sleeping. One of the best ways to protect your back is with a mattress and sleep positions that support it, says Lauren Polivka, PT, DPT, a physical therapist at Balance Gym in Washington, D.C. “If you don’t have the right support system, […]

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