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How Exercise Helps Us Tolerate Pain

Regular exercise may alter how a person experiences pain, according to a new study. The longer we continue to work out, the new findings suggest, the greater our tolerance for discomfort can grow. For some time, scientists have known that strenuous exercise briefly and acutely dulls pain. As muscles begin to ache during a prolonged […]

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Skip the Steroids for Shoulder Pain?

For relief of shoulder pain, physical therapy and steroid shots provide similar results, a new study finds. Researchers compared the two nonsurgical approaches in a group of 100-plus adults suffering from shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff problems, tendinitis or bursitis. “Whether you had a steroid injection or physical therapy, the improvement in each group […]

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Short bursts of power walking ‘helps diabetics’: It lowers blood sugar, say scientists

Short bursts of fast walking could hold the key to managing diabetes, according to a study. Researchers found that patients who alternated between three minutes of rapid walking and three minutes of slow walking over an hour had better control of blood sugar levels than those who walked at a constant pace. Traditionally, those with […]

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How Our Arms Help Us Run

  How we hold our arms affects how we run, but probably not in ways that most of us would expect, according to a new study of upper body biomechanics. The ideal arm swing may be the one that you’re already using, the study concludes. Distance running is, of course, physiologically costly, meaning that it […]

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Fix Your Poor Posture Before It Impacts Your Health

  When you stop being a slouch about your posture, you could benefit from better health. Standing up straight is commonly emphasized for reasons of appearance, but the benefits are not purely cosmetic. The Kansas Chiropractic Foundation lists a litany of general problems caused by poor posture. It turns out that slumped position is affecting […]

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