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How to Avoid Back Pain

Help Your Back in Bed You spend about a third of your life sleeping. One of the best ways to protect your back is with a mattress and sleep positions that support it, says Lauren Polivka, PT, DPT, a physical therapist at Balance Gym in Washington, D.C. “If you don’t have the right support system, […]

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No Pain. Big Gain, Treatment Of Chronic Low Back Pain Can Reverse Abnormal Brain Activity And Function

It likely comes as no surprise that low back pain is the most common form of chronic pain among adults. Lesser known is the fact that those with chronic pain also experience cognitive impairments and reduced gray matter in parts of the brain associated with pain processing and the emotional components of pain, like depression […]

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Linemen Are Back In Game After Disc Surgery, Encouraging Average People To Resume Active Lives

The study will be published in the March issue of the Journal of American Sports Medicine. The coauthor is Wellington Hsu, M.D., assistant professor of orthopaedic and of neurological surgery at Feinberg and a spine surgeon at Northwestern Memorial.For the study, Northwestern researchers scoured two decades of public records to determine the career outcomes of […]

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New Study Shows 2-Minute Exercise Helps Reduce Pain in Office Workers

Neck pain combined with shoulder pain is a common problem among desk workers, particularly those using a desktop computer. One study noted a 50 percent incidence of neck/shoulder pain(1) over a one-year period. Lars Andersen, PhD, and his colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark, completed a randomized controlled trial of 198 office workers with neck and shoulder […]

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