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NCQA Recognition Announcement

“Washington (June 17,2011)- The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) today announced that Dan Wautlet, DC, practicing at Ashwaubenon Chiropractic Clinic has received Recognition from the Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP) for providing superior care to his patients suffering from low back pain.

The Back Pain Recognition Program was designed to improve the quality of care to the nearly 30 million Americans who experience low back pain, and by motivating other clinicians and chiropractors to document and improve their delivery of spine care. To receive recognition, which is valid for two years, Dr. Dan Wautlet submitted data demonstrating performance that meets the Program’s key measures. These measures include appropriate imaging for acute back pain and recommendation for exercise, among others.

Back pain is among the most common ailments in America. Each year, nearly 1 in 9 Americans experience pain severe enough to impair their usual daily activities. Treatment costs total approximately $91 billion a year and accounts for 25 percent of all workers’ compensation claims. The BPRP is the first independent program to systematically evaluate back pain care. NCQA developed the program’s requirements from widely accepted medical evidence with significant input from back pain specialists, and health plan and employer representatives. BPRP-Recognized clinicians and chiropractors provide patients with the care that best meets their needs, restores health and mobility and avoids unnecessary treatment and procedures.

“Needless imaging and procedures provide no real benefit to patients who suffer from back pain,” said Margaret E. O’Kane, president, National Committee for Quality Assurance. “By earning recognition, Dr. Dan Wautlet has demonstrated that he consistently provides proven, evidence-based care to his patients with low back pain.”

To find out if your clinician has been recognized by the Back Pain Recognition program or for further information, please visit To order application materials, call (888) 275-7585 or order online at

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2010, NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations. It also recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA”s Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in healthcare. NCQA  is committed to providing health care quality information for consumers, purchasers, health care providers and researchers.”

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