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Fix Your Poor Posture Before It Impacts Your Health

  When you stop being a slouch about your posture, you could benefit from better health. Standing up straight is commonly emphasized for reasons of appearance, but the benefits are not purely cosmetic. The Kansas Chiropractic Foundation lists a litany of general problems caused by poor posture. It turns out that slumped position is affecting […]

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Five Easy Exercises to Alleviate Back Pain

  That creaking and moaning isn’t your elderly grandmother getting off the couch, it’s you, wincing in pain as you reach down to pick something up. Approximately one quarter of US adults report low back pain on a regular basis, and low back pain is the fifth most common reason for doctor’s visits in the […]

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Position yourself for pain-free posture

  As summer holidays come to an end, many people are now back to spending hours hunched over a keyboard, pounding out letters and numbers, slouched over a steering wheel in rush-hour traffic and stooped under the weight of heavy backpacks full of books. With such activities conducive to poor posture comes upper-back and neck-tension […]

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