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Is surgery the best way to correct back problems?

  Q: Can you operate to cure back pain? A: In most cases, sadly there is very little that spinal surgery can do to help with long-term back pain. (If I could cure back pain I would probably have retired by now!) There are, however, some rare and important conditions that often get overlooked or […]

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Got Neck Pain? Consider Chiropractic

Neck pain is very common, effecting up to 70% of us at some point in our lives. While there are specific causes of neck pain such as a sports injury, whiplash, or sleeping in a funny position…most of the time no direct cause can be identified. The term for this is “non-specific neck pain” or […]

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Multi-Disciplinary, Evidence-Based Process for Hospital-Based Standardized Spine Care Results in Minimized Lower Back Pain and Treatment Costs

The use of a patient-centered multi-disciplinary Spine Care Pathway (SCP) helped to minimize lower back pain (LBP) and the associated treatment costs, according to a recent study, “A Hospital-Based Standardized Spine Care Pathway: Report of a Multidisciplinary, Evidence-Based Process,” published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, February 2011, Vol. 34, Issue 2, Pages […]

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Americans Are Flocking to Alternative Therapies

Most Americans believe that prescription medications are the most effective treatments for many common illnesses, but a Consumer Reports survey of more than 45,000 people finds that three-fourths of us are turning to alternative therapies like yoga and acupuncture. The new report says 38 million adults make more than 300 million visits per year to […]

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Pain, pain go away: what to do when symptoms persist

Among the important findings in the Institute of Medicine report is that chronic pain often outlasts the original illness or injury, causing changes in the nervous system that worsen over time. Doctors often cannot find an underlying cause because there isn’t one. Chronic pain becomes its own disease. ”When pain becomes chronic, when it becomes […]

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