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As a chiropractic rehabilitation specialist I focus on improving my patient’s ability to function. Treatment begins with an initial evaluation where my focus is to identify what is causing the patient’s pain. Examples of “pain drivers” could be identifying a tight muscle, stiff joint, postural stress or a movement imbalance. I take the time to explain to patients in language they can understand as to what’s causing their pain and what needs to be done to decrease it.

I utilize a large “tool box” of interventions to decrease patient’s pain. I carefully employ specific joint manipulation/mobilization, muscle/soft tissue techniques, modalities such as ultrasound along with appropriate advice, activity modification and exercise. The speciality training I’ve had along with over 30 years of clinical experience allows me to be “economical” or “efficient” with my treatment. During treatment I assess the patient on each visit and treatment may change as the patient improves. In other words, treatment is not static, doing the same thing every visit but dynamic as the problem “unwinds”. It is a mindful and minimalist approach to treatment.

My treatment approach is clinically efficient and cost effective. Please browse this site and return often as I will be blogging regularly. If you’re looking for this type of  treatment approach call us and make an appointment for an evaluation!